About Me

Hi! I’m a 27 year old woman from bonnie Scotland. I am a happily married teacher and my hobbies include singing, playing board games, going for walks, shopping and lunching with friends.

I’m writing this blog because I am driving my husband crazy with thinking so much about procreating! At 5ft 6 (168cm) and 15st 8lb (99kg) I am currently hugely overweight. I previously got my weight down to 12st 4lb (78kg) and was very happy. I have since graduated, got married and been working full-time just a little too comfortably.

I have just begun a journey to get myself to a healthy weight so that I feel more comfortable but more importantly to get my body to a fit and healthy state to have a baby. Right now it feels like I’m almost on an impossible mission. I hope that writing down what I’m thinking and feeling might help me but also stop me from being a crazy lady!