Burns night on a (calorie) budget

Happy Rabbie Burns day! I’ve celebrated in true Scottish style today by wearing a tartan dress an having haggis, neeps and tatties (swede and potatoes) for dinner with friends.

Haggis, for anyone who has never tasted such a delight, is an amazing delicacy but unfortunately is quite calorific, especially when served with creamy mashed tatties and a rich whisky sauce. I’m lucky to have a friend who loves to cook for occasions such as this and so cooked up a three course treat for 9 adults and a toddler (including veggie options). This did mean less control over what I was putting in my mouth though. Thankfully it was pre-planned so I had a very small breakfast and lunch to compensate and only went over my calorie intake by 35kcal, nothing to worry me. I guess also luckily she put in far too much whisky into the cranachan dessert so it wasn’t safe to eat and drive!

Another unfortunate was the lack of poetry. A favourite of mine, mainly because it’s so short I can recite it, is the Selkirk Grace which can be said before a meal:

“Some hae meat and canna eat, And some wad eat that want it, But we hae meat and we can eat, Sae let the Lord be thankit.” – Robert Burns

I was treated to a poem when my husband came home. I have no idea what it was called as he came home, headed straight for the bookshelf, picked up the complete works of Robert Burns, opened it at a page and started reading. Short but sweet it was a poem about love which made the moment even more cute (he isn’t usually, I love him dearly but cute is not a word is usually use to describe him, nor is it a word he would like me to use to describe him!)

On another note I weighed myself this morning (I couldn’t resist) and it’s looking positive for Saturday’s weigh in. Thing are looking up as the scales are going down! I have a night out on Friday and another Burns supper on Saturday night. Fingers crossed I can be as disciplined as I have been today.

Glo. X

Photo attribution Colin


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