Hello :)

Hello! This is my first post on this blog and I’m quite looking forward to writing. It’s not something I do easily but I had written a few blog posts when I’d lost weight before and found the writing got better with time. I found it quite therapeutic and the comments I received helped to spur me on.

I’d like to find a few others in a similar situation to myself. I have looked a little online but as I don’t regularly read blogs (not about babies or weight loss anyway, but perhaps that will change) I don’t really know of any.

I’ve written an about me page to explain why I am blogging so that just leaves the title needing explaining. Any time I make any kind of comment about babies, children that have any kind of niceness to it, my husband loves to tell me my ovaries are glowing. I used to deny it but indeed he is right. The older I get, the broodier I get. I definitely feel it’s time to have a baby. (Thankfully he agrees and also fully supports me in wanting to lose weight first.

I have started calorie counting with the app My Fitness Pal. As I am a little active during the day, it has given me a daily calorie intake of about 1600 kcal. I have also signed up to a new gym which is opening within a five minute walk of my house but it hasn’t yet opened. In the meantime, I’ve been starting doing some gentle exercise on the Wii Fit just to get my body used to thinking about exercise and used to having a time to work out. Wish me luck as I begin my first week of being serious about shifting the pre-baby weight!

Glo. X


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